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Free Delivery on the Purchase of Rs. 2999 or more.

Islamic Books in Pakistan

Islamic Books
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Teachings of Rumi


The Essential Rumi


Islamic books in Pakistan, available at discounted price order Islamic books online from Order On Door Islamic Books in English, Islamic Books in Urdu.

Islamic Books in Pakistan:

Pakistan is an Islamic country "Islamic Republic of Pakistan".

As a Muslim country their is a huge audience who loved to read Islamic Books in both English and اردو Language.

One of the best Islamic Book is the Seerat of Muhammad PBUH which is written by multiple Islamic scholars 

Seerat Un Nabi (SAW) by Dr. Israr Ahmed, Seerat un Nabi / سیرۃ النبی ص by Shibli NomaniSayyid Sulaiman Nadvi and many others.

If we talk about Islamic Novels in English people in Pakistan love to read the novels of Nouman Ali Khan

Divine Speech and Revive your Heart are two most selling books of Nouman Ali Khan.

At the heart of the discipline of Islamic studies are the languages of that world and the investigation of Islam as a faith and a practical guide for everyday life.

This involves close study of the Qur’an and the sayings of Muhammad.

Beyond that, wide perspectives beckon, such as the workings of Islamic law, Sufism (Islamic mysticism), political thought,

the major divisions of the faith (Sunnis and Shi‘ites),

Arab, Persian and Turkish literature and the role of women.

Islamic art produced carpets, luxury ceramics, precious miniature paintings and buildings of world renown like the Alhambra and the Taj Mahal.

The grand sweep of Islamic history ,told by its own chroniclers,

takes students from the rise of Islam and the life of the Prophet Muhammad, through to the first Arab dynasties and then further afield;

to the later interplay between Arabs, Turks and Persians, to the Crusades, in which Muslims

(here Saladin is the charismatic figure) and Crusaders co-existed, often harmoniously,

and learned from each other in unexpected ways, and to the gunpowder empires of the early modern period –

the Turkish Ottomans, the Persian Safavids and the Indian Mughals.

The story is taken into modern times by studying how Muslims responded to the military and cultural encroachment of the West,

achieving independence, and the roles they play in today’s globally interconnected world.




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